PAST EVENT: Talk & Meeting: Dive into Ocean Pollution with the Marine Conservation Society

Pollution talk
When: Tues 16th Jan, 18:15-20:15 Where: RNLI   Let’s talk pollution! Pollution is reported to be one of the five main drivers of the biodiversity crisis, threatening 37% of marine mammals with extinction. Marine pollution is diverse and includes harmful PFAS (aka ‘Forever Chemic
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PAST EVENT: Talk & AGM: Clean Ocean Sailing with Alan Green

Clean Ocean Sailing Talk
When: Tuesday 16th April, 18:15-20:15 Where: RNLI & on zoom       With the help of the 112-year-old sailing boat ‘Annette’ and other smaller crafts, the Clean Ocean Sailing (COS) crew sail and paddle to remote, inaccessible places to clean up our Cornish coast. They
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Throw Jelly Not Balloons

Seaweed Jelly Powder Sachet
The Campaign Story Looe Marine Conservation Group (LMCG) developed the Throw Jelly Not Balloons campaign to persuade people to stop throwing water balloon bombs for fun at water festivals and raft races. Water balloons are a needless form of plastic pollution which harms wildlife and
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